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    The clouds were like cotton, looming overhead. There was a storm on the way. Karma looked out to the sea. It was exactly like the day she was sold. But what can one do? When a man is poor, what can he do but sell his daughter to a young sailor? And now…

    The ocean lolled up and down in a gentle motion. Ah yes, the sea was a true companion: humanly violent, always condoling, never fleeting, and truly immortal.

    So many men were lost that day…

    But what can one do?

    What can one do, when an entire fleet of men just fell to the floor in front of your feet; when one after the other, their limp, yet warm, bodies tumbled down like dominoes? Nothing. When the one you love the most falls to his knees with a hole punched into him as large, and clean as if it had been done with a peg? Nothing.

    Karma Raleigh; it was a name noted for its devotion and simple, elegant charm. But what can one do when suddenly, they have nothing to cling to. They can make their name the human word for death.

    The clouds were cotton, though they were not soft. They loomed ominously; the blade of the axe. Now, her eyes were stones, ready to sink into the earth, as was her heart and her husband. Today, the crown was passed to her.

    They had to throw the bodies overboard. They would have rotted before the ship reached land. She didn’t care. Stones cannot make tears.

    She had never had children. Only one person was left…

    Slowly, an older man made his way up to the deck from the cabins below. She didn’t deserve this. He ascended the ladder. She was much too young. Mr. Cramp sighed loudly to himself. His eyes were glistening slightly, thinking of his captain, whom he had just thrown over the side a few hours ago. Nobody expects to be swarmed by the Luman Navy. Nobody wants to.

    There she stood, overlooking the rolling waves, a cold look carved into her marble features. Mr. Cramp stood behind her, watching her closely. After a few minutes, Karma turned around.

    “Do you want something?” she whispered collectedly, “or do you just want to throw my husband overboard.”

    “Please, Karma,” he touched her shoulder, trembling at her coldness, “You know exactly why we had to do that. Had we not the corpses would have-”

    “Tell me what you want, and you will refer to me as Captain from now on. Is that understood?” She stated callously.

    “I don’t want to talk to my Captain. I want to talk to Karma Raleigh.”

    “She is dead.”

    “I want to talk to my friend’s poor widow who must be bleeding inside.” He gripped her by both shoulders. “Are you okay?”

    There was a long pause. Karma stared at a face that was almost exactly like hers, except the eyes that she saw betrayed sadness. Then, she realized, she was seeing her own reflection in the eyes of her friend. Mr. Cramp saw it too, and took her into his arms. Tears streamed down both beautiful faces. They remained like this for half an hour; two lachrymose, forsaken pirates in a world of familiar blood.

    After a while, Karma’s sobbing came to an end, and she wiped her face on her sleeve. Mr. Cramp smiled.

    “I thought you were trained to be a lady.” He remarked.

    “Nope.” Karma smirked, “I was trained to be a pirate!”

    “And you learned from the best.” Mr. Cramp chuckled. He began to walk away.

    “Jason.” Karma said softly, “Thank you.”

    “My pleasure.” He bowed.

    “And one more thing.” Karma shouted to him, “You’d best keep your hands off any ladies. Remember why you’re able to work here at all!”

    “No problem, Captain.”

    Captain. It was precious. It was a new start. The clouds were white and pulpy. The sky was a blank page, on which Karma was determined to write her new name in blood.

The Pirates of the Devil's Arc-Chapter 1: Cumulus
Finally finished! :D This series is actually a spin-off from my original story: The Wanderers (I know I haven't finished that series yet, but this will at least introduce a few of the characters. :) )
Have faith in me
You are the only one I can trust,
And the only one who can trust me
Please don't push me away
I know I'm a child at times,
But if I grew up right now,
I wouldn't have as much time left
To spend with you
For every step you've taken
As have I
I have been everywhere you have,
As your shadow
Or as the same person in a different shell
I might seem lifeless sometimes
But that's because your tender gaze
Turns me to stone
I might be clumsy sometimes
But how can I not be
After falling head-over-heels?
I might seem distracted sometimes
But that's because I'm thinking
Of how happy I am with you
And, yes, I may cry a lot
But only because I know
You'll comfort me
Yes, I've lied to many people,
But please look past that,
And have faith in me
Have Faith in Me
I noticed I hadn't uploaded a lot of poetry, so I did this. :D
    I have soooooooooooo much to write! :D But not in here. I have a lot of new stories I'm writing, so I'm going to be spending a ton of time on those! :D :D :D :D :D



Particularly Black Butler. :meow: Now, enjoy the random Grells. :meow:
    A doctor, a writer, a nobleman, a carpenter, and a little boy are all sitting together in the waiting-room on a long green couch. This is in one of those wicked office buildings, where they always keep the rooms and offices ridiculously cold and the coffee dreadfully hot; of course that doesn't matter; everyone there drinks diet-coke anyway.
    I simply don't understand. This isn't how it should have ended! We were way too close for it to all go up in flames! Now, we're sitting in a glass tower, waiting for someone to call our names. This reminds me of a lottery, but whoever's name is called first gets to die a messy death at the hands of our superiors.
    I don't even know how it all came down to this. What's going on?
    Oh well, I guess we ought to keep waiting. We've spun the barrel, now to shoot.

    The air was cold and damp on her skin. Erinne turned to look behind her, and quickened her pace. She could not shake the strange feeling that some one was following her. Her nails dug into the leather of her olive-colored purse as she nervously looked around. Erinne suddenly realized that she was completely lost.
    "Shit." She said, less to vent her frustrations, and more just to break the eerie silence that surrounded her. Hurridly, she took out her phone to find directions. No signal.
    Something wasn't right at all. She was filled to the brim with dread. She felt the exact same feeling as some one in a life or death situation.
    Suddenly, tap, tap. Foot steps were aproaching. However, something told Erinne they were not the foot steps of a friend.
    When they started getting closer, she ran at the shop doors on the side of the street. She pulled on door knob. Locked. As, she went down the row, she noticed that every door was locked. Now, she panicked wildly.
    "Help! Fire! Rape!" she cried maddly, flailng her fists against each locked door, tears running down her face.
    She ran down the street screaming, until she was out of breath. No one can hear me., she thought, I'm going to die in a matter of minutes. 
She heard an odd choking noise.
    "Why is someone so perfect wandering about at this hour?" a voice hissed into her hear, as a pair of snake-like arms wove their way around her, "I simply cannot let harm come to such beauty."
    Then, everything went black, as a moist cloth came over her mouth and nose. 
    When she came to, Erinne found herself unharmed. She was tied to a chair in a large windowless room made completely of cement. There was a voice somewhere in the room was someone... singing?
    "In the good old summer time..." the voice cooed, mellow, yet operatic. 
    "Who are you?" Erinne cried struggling against the chair, "Where is this place?" She then became aware of a man standing at a table a few feet away.
    "Do you want to know who was following you?" the voice inquired, still sounding slightly like a hiss. Erinne only continued to struggle with her bindings. "If you do, then do divert your eyes to your right. She looked to her right, as the voice had told her, and a horrified expression became frozen on her face. 
    On her right side was another chair, however, this one held a man... or what was left of one. The remains were horribly mutilated, and the neck had been slice opened, with the trachea hanging out of the opening. Erinne vomited on the concrete floor.
    "I do hope you find my artistic ability amusing. I showed no mercy. And don't feel sorry for him, dearest. He had malicious intentions. It was very wise of you to yell and bang on the door to my shop, or else," a low chuckle came from the man at the table, "I never would have heard you!" The chuckle transitioned into a maniacal cackle.
    Tears started streaming down Erinne's cheeks. "I just want to go home." she sobbed. Suddenly, a hand was caressing the side of her face. She struggled and fought, thinking only of the disgusting things that could happen next. Then, she felt something on her head. Someone was brushing her hair. The singing started up again.
    "You hold her hand, and she holds yours. And that's a very good sign."
Erinne was silent, and trembling out of fear. Why was he doing this? What did her kidnapper want? Abruptly, the brushing and singing both stopped.
    A man stepped out into the light. He had red-blonde hair, and was wearing a blousy shirt and black pants. He kneeled.
    "I am the honorable James Martier, at your service." He grinned, sneering at her with his cold, grey eyes.
    "What the hell is going on here?" Erinne shouted, hoarse from the vomiting and crying. James smiled at this.
    "I am protecting you." the unpredictable man giggled slightly, "There are still blood stains on the ground outside where I slit this fucker's throat. The police are going to go for you first. You were the last at the scene of the crime."
    Erinne twitched. What was scary was that he was right. Completely right. She would be done for if she were caught. She looked at the man who had abducted her.
    "Can you please let me go, at least?" she begged.
    "Of course." James cut the rope that was binding her and she fell from the chair onto the floor. "Sleeping arrangements have been made. I will take the couch if you take the bed."
    Erinne simply lay there on the floor. Her limbs felt like Jell-O.
    "Poor beautiful sorrow you are." James pulled a blanket off of a grungy couch and covered her up.

Still Smiling Chapter 3: Erinne
I think by now, if you read the first two, it has long since been established that this is a gory raunchy story. Don't like= Don't read.
    I have soooooooooooo much to write! :D But not in here. I have a lot of new stories I'm writing, so I'm going to be spending a ton of time on those! :D :D :D :D :D



Particularly Black Butler. :meow: Now, enjoy the random Grells. :meow:


Luciana Wynssor
United States
I love to sing, draw, act, dance, and write. Even if I do poorly at acedemic things, I hope I will always have the arts. :) I want to use DA as a haven to be myself and let my imagination flow. :) I used to be a little self-conscious about my poetry, but I know now that I'm among friends here.:)

Also, I like smiley faces. :) :) :)

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